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Mary Williams

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Mary K. Williams is a Content Marketing Specialist, an Essayist, a Blogger, an Entertainment Writer and a Positive Life Force who wants the best for her clients.

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Cerebralop article

Cerebral Palsy and Yoga |

Cerebral Palsy and Yoga |

Entourage: the band of bros fly off into the sunset

Looking back at eight seasons of the HBO hit.

Hot Psychology Magazine - now defunct

Memories That Heal

A look at the the various ways of coping with tragedy, highlighting
(p. 24)

Book Review: The Quiet Savage September Sun - A Collection of 9/11 Stories

A wonderful honor to those that perished, and those that remain.

American Liver Foundation National Board Alumni Newsletter: Profile of Ellis Green

(Page 8) Green says that the involvement in the ALF was a way to work through the grief, and try to make a difference for someone else.

His work with his local chapter was rewarding and challenging; he recounts a time when the staff was running a “Meet the Researchers” forum. A parent of a sick child arrived with a stack of medi-cal records that must have been about three feet high. It was difficult, because although that was not the ideal venue for a doctor to have time to absorb information about an unknown patient, and give helpful feedback – how can a doctor say no –facing the sheer desperation of the parent?

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Cinema Sentries: Snob Seven Archives

Favorite Valentine Movies

24 Recap: The First Four Hours

We begin with signs of problems everywhere; terrorism has brought the national security threat level to Red. But this being 24, it’s actually all normal.

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DVD Review: Becoming Jane

In Georgian England, for a woman to become a writer was unusual. For a woman to earn a living at it, was unheard of.

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Movie Review: Darker ...

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Movie Rev...

Wednesday Afternoon Listen: Dropkick Murphys – The Meanest of Times

With respect and homage of sorts to my friend Mark Saleski — I am borrowing his well-done column idea for my own today. It just seemed the right thing to do.

What Does it Feel Like?

Tom could have died last February when he had the esophageal bleed. He could have died this June when his kidneys failed.

Concert Review: Dropkick Murphys – March 14, 2009, House of Blues, Boston, All Roads Lead to Boston Tour

And then the boys bounced onto the stage, their visceral energy contrasting with the stained glass window backdrop. They ripped right into “Do or Die,” and never looked back.

Web TV Review: Safety Geeks: SVI | Blogcritics

shot entirely on a green screen and uses about 1,000 composite shots, totaling more than the first three Star Wars movies combined